Custom Finish Home Remodeling 
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We Perform Complete Deck Restorations, Maintenance Cleaning, Wood repairs and replacing. Are proven system of wood preparation guarantees a beautiful finish every time! Professional quality craftsmanship. Outstanding customer service, we work with you to get the most out of your budget. No hidden cost or fees, we explain in detail our complete restoration process.

                   No job to big or small, from decks, gazebos, porches, play sets, and fences we do it all!

                          Call David today for your free estimate and consultation, financing is available. 



You can email the size of your deck

and 3-4 pics and we can email out a

quote for you within in the same day!

Or set up a estimate with David Wagner,  

Decks that need a full restoration we recommend 

you have a free estimate by us It takes 

1 - 3 days to have you scheduled

for a free estimate.

We repair floorboards, spindles, rail

caps, steps, gates, pour concrete

pads if needed. Your deck probably

has more life in it than you expected!

Our preparation system and the fact

we back-brush all of are work to ensure 

a rich consistent finish with no dry spots 

or dry knots.

Give your patio a fresh new look! We perform Stone, Brick, and Cement Maintenance Cleaning and Sealing. Concrete staining and Faux Finish Patios! Grout and minor repairs made. Enhance your curb appeal today!

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